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A new BNC year begins and this Spring brings a new awakening of more than just flora!  We appear to be coming out of our shared "darkness" into a time of great hope and lightness of spirit.  THIS  is the perfect time to open yourself to all that BNC has to offer.  Take chances!  Step up!  

A comment, oft heard, is that getting into activities is sometimes difficult.  THAT  is no problem!  All we need to do is to VOLUNTEER to lead an activity and another 10, 15, 20 plus people will be able to join with you in that "Member Mingle",  that  "Hike",  that  NEW  activity which you desire to create.   Don't wait for that other person to do IT.....STEP UP !  Follow the admonition of "The Hokey Pokey" and "put your whole self in"!

With the fullest of spirit and heart, I wish us all a FABULOUS new BNC year !

Jay Shaplow, BNC President 

The BNC is a volunteer-run, non-profit social organization of about 250+ members. We join to make new friends and do lots of fun stuff together while learning about our communities. We are couples, singles, empty nesters, working people and retirees who are new to Boulder County.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Why Join the BNC?
The BNC sponsors myriad activities for members every month, from parties, lunches, dinners and drinks to lectures, documentaries and book clubs, to movies and theater, to hiking and biking. And then some.  

Want to check us out? Click Calendar for details about upcoming events or click Interests for a description of each activity type.

We would love to have you if you have lived in Boulder County for less than 3 years. Membership costs only $35 per year, per person, through next May 31. To sign up or learn more click Join the BNC.

For questions, click  Contact Membership Director.