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  • It is with bittersweetness that I create this final Heads Up of my Presidency. We have thrived amongst the COVID challenges, experienced tenacious leadership from our board and activity team, and continued to welcome new members. Well done, everyone!
  • For all members who may have been scheduled to graduate this year, a reminder that the “gift of a year” was extended to all members in November. Everyone’s graduation date was automatically extended by 12 months. This applies to anyone with an active membership between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021, provided that they renew their membership in May.
  • The membership renewal process has started. You will receive emails regarding renewal, and you will be asked to renew the next time you log into the BNC Website. The dues this year are $35 per member. Remember that couples will renew as two individual members.
  • Thank you to all who voted in the recent electronic election for the 2021/2022 Board. The board approval was unanimous! Congratulations to our enthusiastic new board, and the team will be formally announced at the Annual Meeting on May 4.
  • Watch for the announcement of Forums. This capability will allow the creation of threads on any number of topics of interest to members, including recommendations, volunteer opportunities, swap and shop and other topics. A User Guide has been created to help members get started.
  • BNC Cares is scheduled to launch June 1. BNC Cares enables member-to-member support of individuals in need of assistance due to illness, accident or other short term situations. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have already stepped forward to help!
  • BNC is closely monitoring the changing COVID Guidelines regarding in-person gathering, including considerations for those who have completed their vaccination cycle. Watch activity descriptions in the calendar for latest information.

Anita Bauer, President

The BNC is a volunteer-run, non-profit social organization of about 250+ members. We join to make new friends and do lots of fun stuff together while learning about our communities. We are couples, singles, empty nesters, working people and retirees who are new to Boulder County.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Why Join the BNC?
The BNC sponsors myriad activities for members every month, from parties, lunches, dinners and drinks to lectures, documentaries and book clubs, to movies and theater, to golf, hiking and biking. And then some.

Want to check us out? Click Calendar for details about upcoming events or click Interests for a description of each activity type.

We would love to have you if you have lived in Boulder County for less than 3 years. Membership costs only $30 per year, per person, through next May 31. To sign up or learn more click Join the BNC.

For questions, click  Contact Membership Director.